A Look At Discrimination Essay

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You are a professional burglar. You specialize in stealing small, valuable objects such as jewelry, coin and stamp collections, cash, etc. You have been casing a neighborhood and have narrowed your target down to two houses reputed to have large selections of the things that you like to steal. A retired Marine general who has a substantial collection of firearms and whose hobbies include hunting, skeet shooting, and target practice with various pistols owns the first house. A lawyer for the ACLU who is an active member of the James Brady Center to Prevent Gun Violence owns the second house. If there is a high probability that the occupants of the two houses will be home during your break-in tonight, which house will you choose?

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The theme of the essay is “Why you are proud of your black or multi-cultural heritage.” A photo is also required to confirm the blackness or multi-culturism of each entrant. The College Republicans also decide to have an essay contest for a $1,000 scholarship. The theme of their essay is “Why you are proud of your white heritage.” A photo is also required to confirm each entrant’s whiteness. Which student group do you accuse of racism and then ban from campus for the remainder of the semester? You are the mayor of a small town the population of which is ten percent Jewish and eighty percent Christian. The remaining ten-percent is composed of atheists, agnostics, deists, etc. A Moslem family of six moves to town in November. Naturally, you do not wish to offend them by a public display of Christmas, so you decide to rename the upcoming Christmas holiday period. Which name do you choose from the following suggestions by the town council: Winter Holidays, Frosted Fantasies, Mistletoe Magical Moments, Winter Solstice Celebration, Kwanzaa, Snow Season, Jolly Jingle Bell Time, Ramadan?

You are a professional TSA airport screener. The airport is on alert and your boss has told you to do a complete search on every fifth passenger going through your station. One such passenger turns out to be a swarthy, big-nosed, middle-Eastern looking young male wearing dark glasses and Arab attire complete with
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