A Look At Isaac Mizrahi And The Eccentric World He Represents. Crude And Lewd With Attitude

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Unzipped: a look at Isaac Mizrahi and the eccentric world he represents Crude and lewd with attitude: Unzipped offers a raw look into the fashion world as Isaac Mizrahi prepares for his fall 1994 comeback collection. Following a critically-detested season, Unzipped launches into the creation of Mizrahi’s new line. With shots ranging from Mizrahi in bed to his frequent interactions with industry icons, Unzipped offers an intensely intimate look into the unconventional and hilarious life of Mizrahi and the fashion industry: a world previously untapped successfully on film. Mizrahi’s impeccable sense of humor provides an authentic look into various aspects of the fashion industry. To highlight the extreme pressure of designing, Mizrahi…show more content…
Ideologically the documentary highlights the dedication, precision, and stress involved in designing, thus emphasizing the legitimacy of fashion and the passion of designers. Mizrahi’s work demonstrates the intensive labor of love behind his work, thwarting the stereotype of fashion as superficial. Additionally, Unzipped utilizes Mizrahi to break down barriers between the audience and celebrity. By making Mizrahi relatable before showing his interactions with fashion all-stars, Unzipped invites audiences to meet models like Cindy Crawford, Kate Moss, and Naomi Campbell. Thus, it brings genuineness to subjects known only physically. Stylistically, Unzipped produces a raw aesthetic to capture the fashion world. Though Mizrahi had final say over the edit of the film, Unzipped seemingly provides intimate access into his collection. Splitting itself into different sections, Unzipped “lacks a clear structure” other than a loose arc leading to its climactic runway. Shot in 35mm film and predominantly in black-and-white, Unzipped offers an unamplified look into Mizrahi’s world. Unzipped’s most deliberate stylistic choice serves to exaggerate the film’s core: fashion. Very consciously selecting what to show in color, the runway transforms into a world of vibrancy. In stark contrast to the muted tones of black and white, Mizrahi’s show throws his audiences into a wonderland of effervescent coloration. Mizrahi’s aesthetic screams fun as hot pink and orange jackets line the

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