A Look At Israel 's Economy

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Countries since the beginning of time have traded, competed, and influenced the world economy. A country’s political views, religious views, and culture all play an important role in how the country conducts business in the global market. They also play a role in how a specific country makes economic decisions as well as the result of those decisions and how it transitions to the world market. It is extremely important to understand the role of each country and how it conducts business in the global economy. The main focus of this essay is to take an indepth look at Israel’s economy both internally and globally. Israel has been around for millions of years and is one of the most fought over lands in the world. Israel’s history begins when…show more content…
Although Israel is only about the size of New Jersey it has all the geographical features a continent would have. For example if we were to look at Israel on the map we could identify the fertile valleys in the North, the coastal plain of the Mediterranean, to the mountainous Negev desert in the South, and finally to the Jordan valley. Israel is packed with a variety of geographical features, all of which can be seen within a matter of minutes from each other. It would only take a little over an hour to travel from the most western part of Israel to the eastern end by car and about six hours to travel from the most northern part to the southern tip. The total population of Israel is about 7,821,850, it is currently 99th most populated area compared to the rest of the world. About 341,400 people live in the West Bank, approximately 18,900 live in the Golan Heights (2012); approximately 196,400 Israeli settlers live in East Jerusalem (“MIDDLE EAST: ISRAEL." Central Intelligence Agency). Of the total population about 75% are Jewish, 17% Muslim, 2% Christian, 1.6% Druze and about 4% Other. Hebrew is the official spoken language, however Arabic is used officially for the Arab minority, and English is the most commonly used foreign language (Central Intelligence Agency). Some of the main areas of population are Tel Aviv (3.4 million people), Haifa (1.1 million), and the capital Jerusalem which as of 2007
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