A Look At Postpartum Depression

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Teaching Project: A Look at Postpartum Depression Andrea Childers Denver School of Nursing A Look at Postpartum Depression The family I chose to work with was a primigravid mother and a first time father. Both of the parents were relatively young, the mother being nineteen years old and the father being twenty years old. My first encounter with the family was when the mother was in active labor. It was obvious that the parents had many concerns regarding the birthing process and felt anxious about the impending arrival of their child. The father had many questions for the nurse and was pacing anxiously around the room. This was an expected behavior for a first time father and I recognized and appreciated his apprehension. Several hours following the vaginal birth of their daughter I had the chance to sit down and talk to the parents. We discussed their specific concerns and questions. During our conversation many topics were discussed. During my time talking to the family I started to notice a few worrisome details. First, the mother was going to stay home with the infant while the father went back to work. Though she had a lot of family present for the birth, they don’t live in Colorado. The mother shared she has struggled with depression during her pregnancy and was worried about if it was going to come back. It became clear that I needed to focus my teaching on educating the family about postpartum depression due to the mothers’ risk factors. I questioned the
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