A Look At The Evolution Of Microsoft Windows

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Three Decades of Looking Through Windows: A Look at the Evolution of Microsoft Windows While Microsoft Windows may not be the first operating system to have been invented, it is arguably the most popular one out there. It started very slowly in 1985 with its first release of Windows 1.0 and has grown immensely in functionality and usability since then. As the system has evolved, it has influenced many areas of the industry including how we work, how we play, and how we build hardware and software. Windows 10 will be the next release and will occur in 2015. This release will mark another milestone for the operating system with emphasis placed on merging the gap between tablets and desktop PCs, cloud computing, and platform unification. While Microsoft is looking to the future with this release, there are also some elements of the past it plans to bring back; elements that users have grown to know and love such as the Start menu. Windows had humble beginnings. It wasn’t until the release of version 3.0 that it really started to take off and become a ubiquitous product in the consumer and business world. Windows 1.0 arrived in 1985, ten years after the formation of Microsoft, the company that created it. It was preceded by MS-DOS, a command-line based, single process operating system. MS-DOS’s main goal was to create “software that manages, or runs, the computer hardware and also serves to bridge the gap between the computer hardware and programs, such as a word processor.”
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