A Look At The Music Chart And Itunes Essay

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A look at the music charts and iTunes now reveals the problems that post-feminism has triggered in popular music. Most artists represented on the music charts have used their sweet tone, sexual dance moves or provocative outfits to unite the post-feminist movement and represent the truths of sexuality. However, each artist understands the idea of post-feminism in a different light. Taylor Swift’s music doesn’t involve provocative clothing or dance moves, but sends the message of how to overcome being treated badly by men in relationships. On the other hand, Niki Minaj’s music is very unclear, as her songs don’t portray an influential or a beneficial message for listeners, to me; her message is what not to do, through what she wears and how she portrays herself when she sings live and when she is interviewed in the media. The importance of feminism in popular music arose as unity and sisterhood. Artists began establishing female dominance and empowerment in both their lyrics and their music. Back in the 1960s the feminism movement illustrated women rights and how men dragged women down and made women feel less important than people. The movement to post-feminism after the 1960s portrayed equal rights for men and women, there was no longer anti-men. You don’t have to simply be a feminist these days you just have to support the rights of people equally. In what follows, I will discuss the movement of feminism to post-feminism in popular music, scrutinizing Madonna as an artist

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