A Look At The Occupation Of An Accountant

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Accountants doesn’t only tackle people’s finances but they also have to deal with their emotions. No one knows better than an accountant on how to deal with people. They have to be the one to tell them the news of their finances whether it is good or bad even if they don’t want to know. Accountants who use the cognitive approach are easier to relate to their clients and bet yet have and understanding of their personality. (Chron 2015) Over many of centuries and decades psychologist have studied human behavior and discovered the different type of behaviors that can be associated with financial accounting. Many of the job duties of financial accounting deal with the issues of making decisions and making judgements and decisions of mangers,…show more content…
A way to test the attraction of the psychological approach is to switch the psychological effects which should cause rules and policies to change when they are designed for difference audiences and settings.(Munich) The research paper, as presented above, is focusing on the positive aspect of cognitive psychology playing a role in the field of accounting. The reason that I have chosen this method is because it describes accounting perfectly. It describes how you solve problems and it talks about the way you think, with accounting those two are the main job duties of accountants. “The word "cognition" means “knowing” and suggests insights into perception, language, memory and thinking.” (Chron 2015) I think that with accountants using the cognitive approach because you have to deal with the emotions of the clients whether they lose it because of bad news or they get excited because of how well their finances are going. The cognitive approach gives accountants the ability to prepare themselves for how ever clients react during a situation, and gives you the ability to prepare both mentally and physically for whatever situation they are in. There has been a lot of research that has been done with all of the different aspects of psychology and the different type of theories. One of the main ones that
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