A Look Behind The Veil Analysis

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Society judges people based on matters predetermined by elements of their lifestyle. All of this relates to the human condition and the microcosm that everything is bigger than itself. A demographic approach from birth to death greatly affects the outlook of the world and others on the planet. Understanding the refusal to accept others based on patriotism and ethnocentrism branches into our values and beliefs passing on to children and the world. As people age, they lose the idea of accepting new ideas that affect their society because they fall accustom to old ideas instead of new ones.The better off one is in society, the harder it is to understand a hard life. Western and Eastern worlds’ ignorance are the driving force between the judgment…show more content…
A Look Behind the Veil by Elizabeth and Robert Fernea states “ The thousands of words written about the appearance and disappearance of the veil and of purdah do little help us understand the Middle East or the cultures that grew out of the same Judeo-Christian roots as our own(para 3, pdf)”. Christians look down on Hindu and Islamic Groups by believing in a false sense of equality and treatment of others. This comes from how women in both cultures dress. Christian women are free to wear whatever they choose. Muslims women have the option to wear a scarf to cover their hair or hijab as referred to in Arabic. Christian culture tends to look at this as if it oppressive as losing a sense of fashion, identity, and expression. In reality, women have a choice whether to wear the hijab or not and if they do some places cater to their needs. A salon only for women called Le’Jemalink owned by Huda Quhushi is open to letting Muslim women express themselves in a space to get pampered and relax similar to things that Christian women do such as painting their nails, but making them okay to partake in in Islamic culture(Facebook, Now This,2016, Christianity video). Freedom of expression comes in different forms as others try to adapt the forms of western Christianity to fit in and educate others about other beliefs harmonizing for the greater
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