A Look Inside the Brain-Housing Area

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A Look Inside the Brain-Housing Area Amanda Marie Cervantes Philosophy100 Seungbae Park, Ph.D. 18 September 2010 The human mind is quite a mysterious machine. While we can break down and examine every detail and trait of the human brain, we cannot dissect the human mind. We can only observe its distinctive traits and behaviors. Brain states and mental states go hand in hand but do not equal each other. If they were identical, there would not be the case of whether they relate, but more so of how the relationship between the two works. Brain states and mental states have different characteristics than one another. The mind resides inside of the brain, but it is not the actual brain itself. The only way to prove that the…show more content…
We would be invisible minds floating around in an abyss aware of nothing. There would be no reason for a physical body to occur. How would the mind ever come to be? It would have to be created. We create children, but we do not create their minds. Their minds can be influenced by us, but creation takes place in itself. Mental states are things of the imagination, personal feelings and beliefs such as the Easter Bunny or God. Emotions such as love and spiritualism are not things that are automatic for a person. One’s current mental state is what enables a starving single mother, who can afford only one meal, to give her last dollar to feed her hungry baby before she feeds herself. If this were a brain trait, all mothers would equally love their children and care for them the same. We see in nature that not all mothers are loving mothers. Through the mind, one can experience spiritualism; to feel and believe in something greater than them self. Brain states are systematic. They send messages throughout the body and experience things such as knowing that the body is injured or slowly dying while the current mental state is serene. The brain does not give the selfless feelings of love and devotion like the mind does. It is not programmed with the belief of God or a higher power. A person’s current brain state is what tries to lift an amputated limb when it is not intact anymore. It has been programmed to
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