A Look Into Advanced Maternal Age Pregnancies

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A Necessary Timeline? A Look into Advanced Maternal Age Pregnancies Krystie Johnson, SRN Unitek College “Children learn more from what you are than what you teach,” W.E.B DuBois. If this statement is true, then one could say that becoming pregnant and starting a family later in life would be beneficial to the growth of a child. A woman over 35 would have lived more, had more life experience, and in most cases, be a more mature, stable person. However, society and medical books would say differently. As so many remind those creeping up on thirty who are childless about their “ticking biological clock”, we fight as a society to what is the norm and what is the best for our lives. So, what is a biological clock, and …show more content…

Within society there are many issues that are considered when one looks at maternal ages. To start, socio-economic, educational, and emotional are just a few factors that come into play. As an observer, I have seen every one of the above examples and the coordinating maternal ages. In seeing my mother, who became pregnant at sixteen, after dropping out of high school and then in the opposition, her sister, who graduated from college, waited until thirty-two to have her first child, and had her last at forty. During the years my mother was raising children she was growing up herself, all the while my aunt was traveling overseas, building a career, and establishing her life. The two examples had starkly different educational experiences and their maternal ages varied as well. Additionally, while my mother had four pregnancies with limited complications, my aunt had six, and many complications as her age advanced. As supported within research it is stated of the upcoming generation, “Millennials appear to exhibit a lag in adopting the activity patterns of predecessor generations due to delayed lifecycle milestones (e.g. completing their education, getting jobs, marrying, and having children) and lingering

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