A Look Into The Amish Culture

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The Lancaster County Amish are a group of people living in Pennsylvania who have the same faith and beliefs of a simplistic lifestyle. The Lancaster Amish are private people who believe that God wants them to live a simple and faithful life. They live a very modest lifestyle because they believe that God has a personal interest in their lives, which allows them to stick together despite what is going on in the outside world. Instead of believing in rituals and religious symbols, the Amish applies religion to their every day life. Church is very important to them, as it is an act of worship and a renewal of faith of the community. They also hold a baptism ceremony, which allows young teens/ adults to decide if they want to stay in the Amish…show more content…
Their clothing is simple and easy and reflects who they are and what kind of lifestyle they follow. In A Look into the Amish Culture it says, “According to Brewer and Bonalumi (1995), their plain style of dress is to reject worldli- ness, vanity, and materialism” (Weyer 141). It reflects faith, purity, togetherness and their social separation from the world. The men’s clothing is dark colored suits, plain colored shirts, black socks and shoes and straw brimmed hats. The women wear solid color dresses that cover their arms and legs, a cape and an apron. They cannot cut their hair so they wear it in a bun covered by a prayer covering. Their plain style of dress is important because it represents who the Amish are and what they believe…show more content…
All around the world, people use electricity on a daily basis. Americans probably would not know how to survive without electricity, so it is very interesting that a whole Amish community survives with out it. The main reason the Amish do not want to use electricity is because it provides a connection to the outside world, which they do not want to be apart of. Although they do not use technology, they are able to use batteries and air or hydraulic power motors to run some household items. In an article in Indianapolis Business Journal, it says “Amish entrepreneurs have no inherent gripe against modernity; they just don’t want to be ruled by it as so many of us are”(Altom). The Amish find ways to make things around their community work with out using technology. They are afraid that if they use technology it will take away from their togetherness and their beliefs. Modern day America is so reliant on technology as apart of our everyday lives that we could not picture our lives without it. If we could have the same beliefs as the Amish, maybe humans would be more connected to each other and less connected to
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