A Look Into The True Art Of War

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A Look into the True Art of War

WO1 Jackson, Marcus A

WOBC 011-14
CW4 Willingham, Jeffrey
21 October 2014
Contrary to popular belief the origin of The Art of War is unknown. Written in the age of knights and gentleman Sun Tzu has written a timeless classic in the basic roots of military strategy and war. The thirteen chapters of knowledge can relate to anything from modern warfare to personal development. 1. The Analects and origin of a timeless classic in military strategy A. The Analects of Sun Tzu
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From respecting your enemy to understanding your own weaknesses the author provides the reader a strategy to succeed on any battlefield.
Historians estimate that the Art of War was written in China in around the fourth century. Although the book was written over 2,000 years ago it currently sits atop every critical reading list for both the military and civilian world. Sun Tzu was a General so the book is geared more towards the military, much like the tools you learn as a service member the strategies used in this book can be employed within all walks of life. It has had an impact on today’s modern society by offering a methodical way of thinking that is applicable in just about any circumstance. The Art of War teaches a form of critical thinking which is essential to mission success. Critical thinking is reasoned thinking, a disciplined thinking that is clear, rational, open-minded, and informed by evidence (dictionary.com). Great leaders have been known to employ this strategy as part of their decision making process. By clearly defining your intentions you can begin to view the path towards your desired goal. The first of thirteen chapters entitled Laying Plans explores the fundamentals of leadership. Moral law according to Sun Tzu “causes people to be in complete accord with their ruler, so they will follow him regardless of their lives,
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