A Look Into the Medical Profession Essay

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1. Introduction I’m interested in becoming a doctor. I’m not sure what type of doctor, but I hope that this project will help me decide. 2. The History and Development of Medicine There were many developments in ancient medicine due to the fact that people get injured and get diseases. In prehistoric times, people used herbs as healing agents. When tribes were formed and the caste system enacted, there were shamans or apothecaries who were the healers. In 700 B.C., there was a medical school in Cnidus that is the first known Greek medical school that started the idea of observing patients. The Greek centers of medical advice, prognosis, and healing were dedicated temples to their healer-god Asclepius. At these shrines, patients…show more content…
Andreas Vesalius challenged accepted folklore by using scientific evidence. Vesalius started the development of modern neurology by studying the human brain. The Industrial Era saw the start of lunatic asylums. Emil Kraepelin (1856-1926) introduced new medical categories of mental illness, which eventually came into psychiatric usage despite their basis in behavior rather than pathology or etiology (Wikipedia). In the 1920s, psychiatry was opposed by surrealists who expressed their opposition through a number of surrealist publications. Several controversial medical practices were introduced in the 1930s, including inducing seizures by means of electroshock, insulin or other drugs, or cutting parts of the brain apart for the studies called leucotomy and lobotomy. 3. Future Economic and Growth Trends of Physicians According to Student doc, the average family physician makes $204,000, the average pediatrician makes 175,000, the average neurologist makes $228,000, the general surgeon makes $291,000, the average dermatologist makes $308,000, the average psychiatrist makes $169,000, the average anesthesiologist makes $311,000, and the average ER makes $216,000. The Bureau of Labor Statistics states that the number of physicians and surgeons employed in 2008 was 661,400. In 2018, that number should increase to 805,500, which is a difference of 147,100 or 22%
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