A Look Into the World of Anorexia Essay

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A Look Into the World of Anorexia Nicole R. King Georgia Perimeter College Author Note Nicole R. King, Criminal Justice Major, Georgia Perimeter College Abstract Eating disorders have become an increasing public health problem once thought to be an affliction amongst young women, now an epidemic across culture and gender boundaries. Anorexia gives rise to serious socio-economic and bio-psychological circumstances of our ever vast, growing society. Awareness of eating disorders have increased but perhaps only in proportion to its advancement of its research and treatment. That which still leaves us in a position for a much greater demand for education and heightened awareness of this perplexing disease. Keywords: anorexia,…show more content…
Without these systematic elements of experimentation, one cannot evaluate and conclude any psychological research. Within the article, Fighting Anorexia, researchers began to notice an increase in early onset, cross-cultural, cross-gender, and middle-aged victims of anorexia. The study that could not have involved the manipulation of the independent variable came from this article. Doctors are now comparing anorexia to a biological disease that may be initiated by environmental factors, such as, stress and trauma. The reason these independent variables cannot be tested is because the dependent variables in this case would be genes and brain chemistry. Two factors which clearly cannot be manipulated. Genes and brain chemistry would be classified as biological factors, which are factors researchers have no control over. However, biology and psychology do have a relationship within another field of psychology; psychotropic medicine, which focuses on the area of treating psychological processes. This field also conducts research based on bio-psychological concepts and produces medications according to those concepts. For the purposes of conducting a psychological experiment within its own realm, the biological aspects of this study are outside the scope of anorexia and its biological elements. With the lack of tangible manipulation upon an independent variable, the

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