A Look at Christian Stewardship Essay

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There are the three main categories of the local and global church needs, non-Christian needs, and non-human needs to which I may distribute the money. Keller argues that the church should not provide for only those within the church, but those outside of it as well, paralleling the provisions commanded for the strangers and aliens of the Old Testament (Keller, 13-14). He also suggested that we should not give to others with the condition that they are a Christian or will become one after the aid. When Jesus healed the blind man, there was “no indication that Jesus gave the aid conditionally. He did not press him to believe as he healed him…” (Keller, 18). Also, non-Christian organizations may provide aid for Christians. Paul encourages …show more content…
Pastor’s salary-$200 It is not wrong for the Pastor to be financially supported by the church. In Num 18:24 we learn that “…the tithe of the people of Israel [God has] given to the Levites for an inheritance…” Though this situation is slightly different since Levites were not allowed to provide for their needs by other means, there is still a principal of providing for spiritual leaders. This is also seen in Gal 6:6 which states, “One who is taught the word must share all good things with the one who teaches”. Perhaps the pastor’s salary should not be based on the average income in the area, though, but by what his needs actually are. This would be more in alignment with how land was distributed in the Old Testament. “…Numbers 26:52-56 portrays a system of dividing up the land so that every tribe would have an amount proportionate to their numerical size…this did not mean that everyone should have the same, but that every family should have enough – enough to be economically viable” (Economics and the Poor, 157). This is a principle I also tried to follow in the following cases.

Men without job-$5,000 each with family, 1,500 for man without=16,500 I distributed the money so that more was allotted to the men with families. I would suggest an accountability program to ensure we are not enabling them, preventing them from seeking work. This
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