A Look at Crime from a Sociological Perspective

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Crime A Look into Crime from a Sociological Perspective Introduction Crime is considered to be some breech or violation of behaviors which stand in opposition of rules or norms instituted by some governing body. Some actions are considered to be crimes throughout most societies in history; murder or physical abuse can serve as an example as an example. However, the majorities of things that are considered crimes are more of a subjective nature and vary widely in different societies. In many societies it is a crime to be an atheist or to be homosexual for example, while in other societies these items are tolerated and in some cases are considered social norms. Furthermore, when an individual is considered to have committed a crime, the punishments for these crimes also can vary widely depending on the culture, the social norms, the position of the authority figure, as well as a plethora of other factors. This paper will analyze some of the different forms of crime and they develop and how they are treated in different societies. Variations in Crime Crimes are events that are mandated by the criminal law system of a particular nation or any size of population group. The way in which these laws come about has various manifestations around the globe. Some are based on religious norms or teaching while in other areas they are based on political ideology. For example, bigamy, a man who claims more than one wife, is a criminal in most Western nations. However, in most
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