A Look at Organized Crime Essay

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Woody Allen – A look at organized crime
1. Which illegal activities are performed by the Mafia?
Murders, gambling, narcotics, prostitution, hijacking, loansharking, transportation of large whitefish across the state line for immoral purposes 2. What does it mean that the “Aquillante Construction Company decided to erect their new offices on the bridge of his nose”? Maybe it means that they are making a fool of sby of Doyle, and ends up killing him
Or that they killed him and decided to build a building on top of his body. 3. How loyal were Vitale’s men?
They were not very loyal. When Vitale died, Vitale’s men immediately defected to Ross out of loyalty 4. What does it mean that letters were signed with
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3. Characterize the initiation ritual. How do you think it compares to the “real” ritual – if such a ritual exists?
In the text the initiation into the Mafia is quite complicated. A proposed member is blindfolded and led into a dark room. Pieces of Cranshaw melon are placed in his pockets, and he is required to hop around on one foot and cry out, ‘Toodles! Toodles!’ Next, his lower lip is pulled out and snapped back by all the members of the board, or commissione; some may even wish to do it twice. Following this, some oats are put on his head. If he complains, he is disqualified. If, however, he says, ‘Good. I like oats on my head,’ he is welcomed into the brotherhood. This is done by kissing him on the cheek and shaking his hand. From that moment on, he is not permitted to eat chutney, to amuse his friends by imitating a hen, or to kill anybody named Vito.
The real ceremony involves significant ritual, oaths, blood, and an agreement is made to follow the rules of the Mafia as presented to the inductee. 4. Allen’s language is pervaded by understatements, contrasts and absurdities. Give examples from the text:
Contrast: the rituals
Absurdities: 5. Which humorous devices apart from the ones mentioned above are used in the text’s portrayal of the Mafia?
Woody Allen makes the Mafia look stupid by making fun of them
(The paper “Humor Devices”) 6. Pick a couple of humorous
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