A Look at Prominent Worldviews

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James W. Sire claimed that world view is “…a set of presuppositions… which we hold… about the makeup of our world.” As of me, my definition does not deviate much. World view is the way, either supported or unsupported, how I see what I see. It’s like glasses where I see everything through the filter of glasses. Supposedly, world view can affect one very much. The fact that Muslims goes to Mecca or Christians going to church every week or the mere choice between chocolate bar and ice cream are all affected by world view. The Christian world view bases everything to the scripture, the Bible. Christians say that humans are innately evil because Adam and Eve were kicked out from the Garden of Eden. Christians also emphasizes that it is only…show more content…
Morality of secular humanism is pretty low considering the fact that they are moral relativists who thinks each person has their own sets of ethical system. It is pretty stupid that they even called moral relativism considered as one of moral categories since it’s like an oxymoron, if everyone thinks differently, how is there morality? Who can justify morality? Secular humanists also think that evolution is a fact. The fact that carbon dating and observation of rock layers made them believe that earth is very old which gives more credit to evolution. They try to impose evolution on every world views and people. Marxist-Leninists holds communistic world view. Their main belief is that everyone should be equal and capitalism is evil in its very nature. Theologically speaking, they are very atheistic; rather, they hate the idea of supernaturalism itself. They think super naturalistic events cannot be put under control and thus is unneeded in the fair and equal society of proletariats. Philosophy of Marxist-Leninist is very special. They say that synthesis from thesis and antithesis is their philosophy. This means there will always be a thesis that is challenged by a antithesis and synthesis occurs to merge thesis and antithesis. The outcome will then become thesis and meet another antithesis. Proletariat morality is moral system of Marxist –Leninism which basically says if the action was for the
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