A Look at Raytheon’s RIOT Application

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A Look at Raytheon’s RIOT Application The Rapid Information Overlay Technology or RIOT software application by Raytheon has generated privacy concerns and paranoia. What can this application do, and what can’t it do? Raytheon’s RIOT software can pull together information about a user from multiple social media platforms to create a composite view of a user’s activities, patterns, associations and beliefs. When does this person typically log onto the computer? Are they accessing social media from work? Are they sharing politically incorrect ideas with people, and how connected are they to radical groups? Unlike Facebook’s data mining into the lives and associations of its members, RIOT draws on every social media platform – Twitter,…show more content…
What happens if the FBI uses RIOT and decides that a defense contractor is associated with politically incorrect groups and revokes their clearance, but the un-PC account actually belongs to someone else? The threat this application poses is multiplied by the number of high end hackers that already compromise information security and steal information from large companies who hire “cyber warriors” to protect their systems. Do you except a government that accidentally posts hundreds of thousands of Social Security Numbers on a website and calls the internet security breach a minor incident to protect RIOT software from hackers? The RIOT application is invaluable to those who want to develop intelligence dossiers on individuals, be it Chinese building up patterns of targets in the U.S. or private investigators in high-priced divorce cases. Internet security is then doubly threatened when RIOT is stolen and made available to the dark side of the web. RIOT cannot at this time mine the deep web, sites like Tor, Silk Road and others. Truly revolutionary folks will move their political discussions to this deep web, while people posting non-PC jokes and sarcastic comments could be investigated by the government. Then there is the risk of hackers and jokers hacking someone’s account and sending text messages and instant messages

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