A Look at Various Stereotypes Essay

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Stereotyping can be a deliberate or an unintentional generalization; an assignment of a negative or positive attribute or attributes to any group of people. It is a tool used to persuade others to a cause. Of the five AdChoices groups in the assignment, politicians are unique that they will readily stereotype one another in their quest for a vote or to influence voting. Watch CSPAN and see firsthand first class rhetorical analogy and definitions, all sorts of rhetorical devices such as dysphemism euphemism, slanting, stereotyping, even phony outrage, everything read in the assigned chapters can be seen and heard within minutes of watching Congress debate. The fallacies used are numerous and well-beaten. Stereotyping from…show more content…
It is an argument we teach our children not to make; because one does something wrong, it is okay for you do to do it too. The double-standard begins when one political party looses power and becomes the minority and when the new majority power is accused of performing the same underhanded tactics as they had previously committed. Arguments about "wasteful spending" and "pork barrel politics" are prime examples of slanted, hyperbolic, rhetorical devices, designed intended to describe an undesirable behavior of the opposition. Of course, "wasteful spending" and "pork barrel politics" can be quite subjective as a claim (p.508) depending on the speaker and the agenda. The same logic of the double-standard applied to them is now downplayed and euphemized with attempts at redirecting the argument to a fallacy of composition (p.53) in that what they accused their opposition of was right for them to do because their intent was righteous and 'good for America", therefore not wasteful spending. This is also an argument involving nationalism, invoking the well-being of the country with the assumption that by doing so, their argument will automatically be accepted. (Moore & Parker, 2007, pp.53, 175). Tattooed Persons Anything that causes a person to stand out of the accepted norms of adornment
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