A Look from a Broken Perspective

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A Look From A Broken Perspective Destruction of families all across the world is becoming more recognizable to society due to a families falling in on their selves. Everyone can see the realm of their own world cracked in some manner leading to functioning parts of the society slowing to a halt. Either this falling apart of oneself comes on by divorce or some type of dysfunctional family situation. Only the ones who express these faults to the open public are deemed as social problem. This could cause status to be formed and to put down these people. Families are supposed to be the nurturing source of life which protects its own members from harm, but not all family housing is perfect, let alone normal, considered under these…show more content…
Once apart they can easily fend for themselves or find support from another source. On the other hand, families with dependent spouses and children still have to provide for their young ones long after they have left the nest. Children can not readily leave and become self efficient and support themselves for the rest of their natural born lives after a families head figures have divorced. The parents could move on, but would still have to raise money to keep themselves alive while supporting their children. Depending on the many different situations one could have full custody of the children, leaving the responsibility of the support of the children to one sole parent. Another is where one spouse would be forced to pay child support, by court order, to sustain their child’s lifestyle along with the owning parent’s choice of life also. Even if both parents could not maintain their child’s need of living the child could be giving oven to another outside family member’s custody. Another method for these families is to stay together for the children’s benefit (Al-Kazi, 2008). Some spouses withstand the hardships they have brought upon themselves physically and mentally for their children’s sake. They may have feelings of divorce, but have come to an understanding that staying together and dealing with the problems that arise between them is a more productive situation for their children financially. But
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