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Many foreigners cannot know what makes Hinduism so strange. Hinduism lacks an uniting belief system and many people do not know faithfully what makes up the Hindu religious belief. After one goes in-depth concerning Hinduism, one must be familiar with the fundamental details about this difficult religion. Do you realize that almost 80 percent of the India people find themselves being Hindus? Hinduism is in addition known as the Sanatana-Dharma, which means everlasting religion. Hinduism is the third leading religion following Christianity and Islam and has no one initiator, teacher, or spiritualist and it is not an unconvinced religion. All through this article, I will look further in-depth on what makes up the Hindu religion what …show more content…
An alternative hypothesis that defines the Hindu religion is the paths of life to be followed, which are Karmamarga, Jnanamarga, and Bhaktimarga. The first method is of behavior and performance, the second is the path of knowledge, and the third is the path of devotion to God. These three paths have to be equally supported throughout one’s life in order to attain liberation from the cycle of rebirth. I will explain why it is necessary for Hindus to achieve this balance in following paragraphs. All these concepts make up the worship of Hinduism, and make it what it is today. In many religions, cultural and societal power plays a crucial role in the religion. In Hinduism, the biggest impact is the caste system. This caste system is described in one of the three sacred texts, called the Vedas. The four castes are- the Brahmans, the Vaishyas, the Shudras, and the Kshatriyas. These things are needed to keep up human society. Along with upholding this, level system approach maintaining proper husbandry and upholding all religious practices regard “puja.” Doing these things influences Hinduism to the region it originated. These things are crucial to maintaining the cultural and religious practices of Hinduism. In Hinduism, the ultimate goal is to attain freedom from material existence. This means to have a fulfilled life and finally be able to mingle with the creator, which essentially means to overcome the viscous cycle of

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