A Look into the Photojournalistic Works of Ara Guler

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Photojournalism as an art: A look into the photojournalistic works of Ara Guler Ara Guler, the famed photojournalist who was donned with the nickname “the Eye of Istanbul ” did not consider himself an artist. “[With] photography being a visual medium,” Guler says, “we press photographers record the visual history of our time. I find that more crucial than creating art. ” Statements such as this raise a great number of questions, and cause for the consideration of the definition of art, the definition of photojournalism, and how photojournalism relates to art. There is much controversy in defining art because there are so many different categories to consider . There are several articles and essays written on the subject, some with a more traditional view and some with a more open view. Two of the most notable essays come from, one Rob Sharry about Eugene Delacroix’s more conservative definition of art, and F. Wellington Rucksthul , who carries a more open interpretation. According to Rob Sharry Eugene Delacroix believed, that for a piece to be classified as art, it must meet a certain criteria. Art must not be practical or conceived from an analytical point of view. Art is purely for the contemplation and observation of the viewer and does not serve a higher purpose. Art has to incorporate elements of realism, meaning that elements of the artwork must somehow mimic nature, however not to the point of exact realness. Capturing every single detail of a live

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