A Lord Of The Flies: A Brief Summary

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A plane crashes onto a deserted island and the only survivors are schoolboys. Ralph and Piggy use a conch shell they found on the beach to signal to any other survivors. A choir group appears as well as younger children that are later called ‘littluns’. A meeting is held in which Ralph is voted to be the leader. He places Jack in charge of hunting food. After exploring the island with Piggy and Simon, a signal fire is made per request by Ralph, but those in charge of it become distracted and the fire rages out of control. During this time, a ‘littlun’ disappears and is believed to have been consumed by the fire in the midst of chaos. In the beginning, the boys enjoy their life away from responsibilities and adults telling them what to do, but…show more content…
Ralph orders the rest of the boys to build a new fire on the beach. By the end of the day it is built, but Ralph loses most of his boys as well. In Jack’s new tribe, a hunt is held and a pig is brought back to their camp. They place the head of the pig on a stick in reverence and as an offering to the beast. Simon wanders to where the pig’s head is. The head, whom he believes is the Lord of the Flies, tells Simon that he can never escape him for he lives in everyone. Simon goes to tell the other boys of what he has learned but when he arrives they are in the midst of a ritual. Bewildered and excited by their chants, the boys attack Simon and kill him. Ralph and Piggy regret their actions at the ritual, but decide it is best not to talk about what happened. Piggy’s glasses are stolen by Jack’s hunters. This prompts the remaining boys of Ralph’s group (Sam, Eric, Piggy, and himself) to demand that Jack give the glasses back. When they arrive, Jack orders that Sam and Eric be tied up. Ralph and Jack fight while Piggy is helpless because he is unable to see. Roger, located high on a mountaintop, rolls a large rock down that kills Piggy and crushes the conch
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