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Niki Brown Randi Nedom ASL 1 11/21/11 Loss for Words Paper The book A Loss for Words by Lou Ann Walker is a biography about Lou Ann. Her parents are deaf and she and her sister are hearing. The book describes the troubles and embarrassment she felt and had while growing up. She loved her parents dearly but often felt embarrassed, or infuriated about comments people would make to her about her parents. Lou Ann exclaims that “their world is deaf, their deaf culture, their deaf friends, and their own sign language it is something separate, something I can never really know, but I am intimate with.”(2) Lou Ann was both speaking and she could also sign. She felt it hard to fit into one culture. She had a love for her parents and the…show more content…
She herself even though she was not ashamed acted ashamed by not saying anything about what people said. I know she was trying to protect her parents. I think it would have been better if she did say something to those people, not only letting her parents know but also showing them that she didn’t care what anyone said. It would have shown people that she didn’t care that her parents were deaf. I think her parents would have been proud of her for sticking up for their family. Her parents didn’t seem the least bit shy about being deaf. They seemed really love their culture and wouldn’t change it for anything. Lou Ann’s parents also seemed to depend on her a lot. They depended on her to help them when they didn’t understand. Since a lot of people don’t know ASL she was there to help. I think her parents depending on her all the time also had a toll on Lou Ann. She knew she always had to be there to help them with simple things. I think part of her did not want to have the responsibility. I think she just wanted to be a kid most of the time but felt obligated to help her parents, since she had something they didn’t have. Lou Ann states “from a very early age I ordered for Mom and Dad in restaurants and explained what they wanted to clerks. When I was about eight they began giving me their letters so that I could correct the grammar.” (21) She lied helping her parents out with the day to day task they could not do,
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