A Lot Of Components Can Come Into Play When Speaking About Racism

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Saul Reyes
Professor Ward
GSST 001
October 25, 2015
Midterm Response Paper
A lot of components can come into play when speaking about racism. Racism is not only a very sensitive subject, but a very important one as well. I will be introducing a very different type of racism, I will be highlighting the topic of gender. In this response I will be focusing on intersectionality, gender oppression, and people’s past experiences. These concepts can demonstrate the importance of taking gender into consideration when speaking about racism. The reason why this is relevant is because gender is very much a key component to racism and race as well. Very broad statements that can be specified to culture and social living. Things that happen in our everyday lives that are are not frowned upon because they are so “suitable” so therefore these actions are looked at as proper. We live in a world today where we go by what is done in the social pyramid, we go back to old traditions and do not really giving people an opportunity because of ones gender or race, this then leads to racism. Genders, race, and racism all come together when speaking about the topic because they can all relate to one another.
Gender has a lot to do with how a person is seen socially. Theoretically a women is sought out to be a very gentle, loving, caring, and respectful. While a man is supposed to be a very manly, hard working, brave, and masculine person. The reason for this can go to many years ago or it can be…
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