A Lot of Work: Not Enough Pay

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Immigrants often move to America to have a better life; however, this is not what some get. In the poem, “My Mother, Who Came from China, Where She Never Saw Snow” the immigrant factory workers moved here for a better life, but ended up having to work multiple hours in a factory with very little pay. The workers work diligently every day but never get enough money to actually buy the items that they are making. In the poem, Laureen Mar uses imagery, irony, and punctuation to demonstrate the injustices of immigrant factory work of the time period.
Mar uses imagery to compare the factory workers to the setting. She is showing how the women work, but also showing how the women are one with the machine. She states, “Ten rows of women hunch over machines, / their knees pressing against pedals / and hands pushing the shiny fabric thick as tongues / through metal and thread” (lines 3-6). Mar provides the imagery of the women working to show they are all one unit and they resemble the machines they are operating. Mar not only describes the women as a whole, but also gives details of the specific women working. She declares, “Her hair is coarse and wiry, black as burnt scrub. / She wears glasses to shield her intense eyes” (8-10). The words coarse and wiry are meant to provide the mental picture of an actual sewing machine rather than the woman working. Mar wants to provide a mental image of the workers working.
Along with imagery, Mar uses irony to show the injustice of the women
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