A Low Income School At New Haven

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A low income school in New Haven, Connecticut started the new year telling students they would be attending school until 4:15 P.M. four days a week. New Haven teachers in an unprecedented move allowed their teacher unions to take over the rewriting of their contracts. This provided the teacher with more freedom with curriculum and time management. Although the final outcome was beneficial the origins of the extended day was not welcomed.
The experiment started when Karen Lott, the principal of Brennan-Rogers, chose to extend the school day by an hour and 25 minutes. Her reason, she wanted to close the gap between her low performing school and the neighboring high performing schools. The result, Brennan-Rogers School had exhausted teachers and students and the same test results. The question that begged for an answer was why would a principal extend a school day to bring up test scores? In 2010 the Katherine Brennan School merged with other neighboring schools due to federal funding. This merge brought together a low income school with high income schools. The result was devastating for the children. Student behavior was out of control, a student set another student’s hair on fire (Bailey, 2014). Behavior was determined as the cause of low test scores. Only 12 percent of third graders met state reading goals compared to the 57 percent met by the district.
Brennan-Rogers accepted a federal grant that allowed students to dismiss early on Wednesdays while teachers met for
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