A Lucky Country, Please Share Your Luck '

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‘Lucky country, please share your luck’.

Australia has been a lucky country since its origins in the 1770s. In 1788, when the first fleet of British convicts arrived in the land down under, already established British laws, customs and funds were adopted and taken by the first Europeans in this country. Decades later, this settlements were surviving almost entirely because of the help received by The Crown and it was not until the 1820s when this large groups of people started to develop an economy based on the resources found in what they insisted to call their new land. In the 1840s the economy boosted with the first mining works in the island and like any other colonising country, up until that point in history, it was England who should have been proud of what they did in Australia, even though the recent success of the country was in part due to good fortune (Davison, Hirst, MacIntire, 2001).

After a few colonies of the British Empire fought for their independence, in 1942 Australia became an independent colony with the right to govern itself, by grant and without any effort put on it. Responsibility of their acts was now on Australians’ shoulders and not on The Crown’s anymore.

It was then in 1901 when the ‘white Australia’ policy was introduced. White Australia was a policy that ‘favoured’ immigration from ‘white’ European countries only, prohibiting access of travellers coming from the Middle East, Asia, the Pacific Islands and any other country which…
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