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In Andrea A. Lunsford 's book Easy Writer, she describes how to conduct research and evaluate source material. In addition to informing the reader of the proper ways to incorporate source materials into an article, and concludes with how to write a researched paper. Lunsford begins chapter 37 "Conducting Research", with a detailed explanation of how a writer should start to the research process. First, Lunsford informs the reader to analyze the research assignment, research a question to answer, and then to form a hypothesis. Then, Lunsford details how to perform each of these steps, beginning with the questions a writer need to ask themselves vital to the research process. These questions include information on the purpose of the research project, the target audience, and the interests or assumptions of the audience. After that, the author asks the reader to question their own attitude, feelings, and influences on the topic. Some other questions Lunsford advises the reader to answer before beginning a research project include the amount and types of evidence needed to influence their audience. As well as, questions related to the time and length of the research project. Next, Lunsford explains to the reader how to formulate a question and hypothesis for a research project. This process is begun by finding a topic and, then narrowing it down to an issue from which a question and hypothesis can be generated. Lunsford recommends that writers also plan out their research

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