A Madman And New Year 's Sacrifice

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The early twentieth century is viewed as a moment in time that had a profound impact on how literature is written until this very day. Events during this epoch such as the May Fourth Movement were viewed as the catalysts for many modern writers past and present to break the mould. This would enable an author to express their deepest thoughts without fearing the repercussions like it had in the past. Lu Xun was a renowned writer that was even considered by Mao Zedong to be ‘commander of China’s cultural revolution’ with reference to Lu Xun’s sophisticated and innovative stories illustrating the social unjust and inequality amongst the Chinese people. Thus, Lu Xun’s literature ranging from his short stories ‘Diary of A Madman’ and ‘New…show more content…
Writing in a manner that would be applicable to the masses and delving upon topics such as the evident disparity between the higher classes and the peasants as well as the inequalities between men and women. In stark contrast to most writers, it can be said that this served to emphasis his various interpretations on the social and political unawareness of China at the time, rather than becoming a revolutionary participant upfront (Asia for Educators, 2009). Lu Xun’s short story ‘Diary of a Madman’ articulated this point more in depth by detailing a man who is visiting his friend from high school who is supposedly sick. However, upon arrival he only finds out that he has recovered and moved elsewhere. Although he is not present, the friend detailed diary entries during his time of sickness that illustrated that ‘he had suffered from a form of persecution complex…the writing was most confused and incoherent, and he had made many wild statements’ (Xun, 1918). By merging vernacular colloquial language with traditional Chinese as well as the fact there were not any alterations of any ‘single illogicality in the diary’ (Xun, 1918) once again falling back to Lu Xun’s motive, to render the diarist 's insanity more realistic. This somewhat direct approach is present throughout the course of the entire story as Lu Xun conveys the idea of
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