A Magic Demon Axe

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The gates forcefully slammed shut, leaving the young adventurer thrown outside briefly rattled by the sound.
“Well, you were some help in there, Lili.”
How was I supposed to help? I 'm just an axe.
“A magic demon axe that talks to me in my head,” Jax corrected.
A nearby guard noticed Jax still standing outside the gate and pointed his spear threateningly.
Demon. Demons generally aren 't very helpful, you know.
“I hadn 't noticed Lilith, thank you for pointing that out to me. Could you also tell me what color the sky is?”
If you knew that, why ask? You humans are such a bother.
An exasperated sigh reminded the other guard of Jax’s prolonged presence, and resulted in a quick shove towards town.
“You 're bound to help the Elricsons, my family, demons keep their deals, it 's one of your few redeeming traits. Excuse me if I thought you might be helpful in convincing people.”
Jax would have sworn if anyone asked that the axe somehow had a death glare, even if it was hard to tell with inanimate objects while regaining your balance.
Tsk, you Elricsons are all the same when it comes to my confinement. You expect me to just be helpful all the time. I don 't see how a normal axe would have been very useful in trying to get a job.
“You know what? Maybe if I had a regular axe, I wouldn 't have so much trouble getting jobs. You scare everyone.”
Are you sure it isn 't your friendly smile? “I hate you.”
Well now that we have that settled, are we ready to move on?
Jax suddenly slouched…

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