A Magnificent Catastrophe, by Edward J. Larson

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In the book “A Magnificent Catastrophe” author, Edward J. Larson examines all aspects of the events that occurred during the First Presidential Campaign in the 1800s. Larson discusses the Presidential Election rivalry battle between Thomas Jefferson of the Republicans and John Adams of the Federalists. In 1776 both John Adams and Thomas Jefferson were sent to Philadelphia as delegates to the second continental congress, they joined a five-member committee, which drafted a Declaration of Independence for the United States. They later then voted to adopt and sign the document their committee drafted which was the Declaration of Independence. Adams was more active when promoting independence and argued the longest and the most effective, but…show more content…
Larson has some positive and negative aspects in this book that I’ve notice while reading the book. Some of the positive aspects of reading this book are learning background knowledge about the Politicians life and family history. In history textbooks it doesn’t really go into detail about friendships and family history. Until reading this book I was unaware that Adams and Jefferson were close friends before the elections. To my knowledge from reading history textbooks Adams and Jefferson became acquaintances with each other when they were running for office and when being part of the committee when drafting the declaration of independence. That was one of the huge positive aspects of reading this book is that Larson has a lot of concrete details about the Politicians lives that are not presented in history textbooks. Texts books are straightforward and go straight into disusing what was going on in politics during a specific time period and they don’t even bother telling you about the politician’s background. I know when I take a history course I always have the question of who is this person in my head because all I know is what they’ve done to better or worsen our country, but I know nothing about the individual itself and Larson did a great job providing this in his book. Another positive aspect that I liked about Larson’s book was that the book was like a timeline and he would thoroughly describe in details what was going on during that time. There were no

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