A Major Area China 's Air Pollution Effects On The Environment

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A major area China 's air pollution effects is the environment. With this in mind a way the pollution damages the environment is through acid rain ("Air pollution in China"). Sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxides go high into the atmosphere to combine with oxygen to form the heavy pollutant known as acid rain (epa.gov). Acid rain easily dissolves in water, and when mixed with other pollutants in China 's atmosphere, can contaminate the soil and water sources. One-third of China 's water is unusable in the industry and agriculture because of contamination (Kahn & Yardley). That is concerning because water is used for a lot of things in the world and if it can be contaminated, the contamination might spread to wildlife. Acid rain is a really common issue the air pollution causes in China. Another subject with the environment is how the air pollution has affected the world. It has pervaded through the air to neighboring countries including Korea, Japan, and some parts of North America ("Air pollution in China"). This causes some other countries to worry about China 's ignorance towards the problem, because it has large potential to pervade the world. On the other end of the effects, the heavy air pollution in China causes a variety of health problems. The air pollution in china greatly increases the cases of cancer, respiratory diseases, chronic obstructive pulmonary diseases, a weakening immune system, and a reduced lung function ("Air pollution in China"). The
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