A Major Change Initiative Experienced At Our Organization Essay

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This research paper looks at a major change initiative experienced at our organization recently. The aim of this paper is to outline the manner that a major change affects the entire organization. The mandate for change for our organization was that the organization had developed a culture that did not support the talent and innovation of the employees. Consequently, the organization was performing poorly due to lack of advanced technology and coordination between the management and the employees. To overcome these problems, the organization initiated programs that empowered the employees such as allowing them to participate in decision-making, and actively listening to their innovation ideas among others. Additionally, the management communicated to the employees the full details about the change and allowed them to participate throughout the entire change process. The leadership team initiated activities such as team sports and barbecue that engaged the entire organization on a more personal environment. This was aimed at making the employees develop a relationship with the management to improve work performance. The empowerment phase was revised to ensure that the management changed their attitude towards the employees and involve them in the operations of the company. Support of the management is very critical as it boosts confidence of the employees as well as motivates them to put extra effort in their jobs. Change Management
Mandate for Change
The mandate for this
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