A Major Platform Of The Indigenismo Movement

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A major platform of the indigenismo movement was anticlericalism. There are three major positions generally taken when speaking about indigenismo and religion. First is that of the literary critic. Religion in the works of Lopez y Fuentes and Magdaleno is symbolic of power struggle. Authors sought to influence the emotions of the public by painting priests as villains. The modern historian takes a second position, claiming that the Church held too much power over the indigenous peoples. It was an obstacle to modernization efforts and therefore had to be removed. A third stance focuses on the religious terminology of national projects. Policy makers rejected the Catholic institution, but not religious ideologies. All three positions are…show more content…
Similarly, Joseph Sommers notes that the characters in the works of both Lopez y Fuentes and Magdaleno are overly simplified to stress the dichotomy between the poor and privileged. Authors greatly restrict the actions of the Indigenous community within the novel. In “Literatura e Historia: Las Contradicciones Ideologic as de la Ficcion Indigenista,” like Barry, Sommers focuses heavily on the stereotypical immorality and greed of the religious institutions in the Indigenista novel. He argues that indigenista writers played on the exploitation of the Indian at the hands of the Church so to manipulate the reader’s emotions. As mentioned in the articles of Mate, Barry, Sommers, and again in Boyd Carter’s “The Mexican Novel at Mid-Century,” Lopez y Fuentes portrays the Church as having orphaned the Indians in their time of need. This left the Indians with a feeling of hopelessness, as, according to Boyd, they only had heaven to look forward to. Abandonment of the Church left the Indian population feeling lost without direction. In essence, the Church took away their ability to hope for a better tomorrow. Indigenistas used the idea of an oppressive Church system, claim modern scholars, as a ploy to push forward their own agenda. Indigenistas rejected religion, not necessarily because the Church was cruel or corrupt in its practices,

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