A Major Reason For Performance Improvement Program Essay

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A major reason for performance improvement project failures is the misinterpretation of an ongoing performance program. Prioritizing performance efforts would help an organization achieve early quality improvement goals and maintain adequate momentum for future QI initiatives. An organization should follow six step approach model for implementing and monitoring a quality improvement program. First step of a six step quality improvement program model should line up improvement initiatives with the facility’s quality improvement program strategic objectives. Health care component relationship interaction is simultaneously affected and changed by the health care organization’s operational process systems. Due to the simultaneous change and impact of process components, it is very important for any ongoing performance improvement model to lineup parallel to the health care organizations strategic objectives. A health care facility’s objectives can take many forms and priorities. Federal or state accreditation and or developing a new medical wing or process are examples of an organization’s strategic objectives. In order for a quality improvement initiative to be successful, the QI initiative must lineup with the facilities strategic initiatives to obtain some form of accreditation or develop a new specialty department or health care process. Step two of developing an effective and successful performance improvement model, is to use an analytical approach to gathering,
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