A Major Theme in ‘Our Day Out’ Is the Lack of Education and Opportunity for Young People in the Inner City. Using Scenes from the Play, Show How Willy Russell Makes the Audience Aware of This Theme

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A major theme in ‘Our Day Out’ is the lack of education and opportunity for young people in the inner city. Using scenes from the play, show how Willy Russell makes the audience aware of this theme

The lack of education and opportunity affects young people in inner cities like Liverpool, these young people have never been given the chance to have a good education, and therefore they were just stuck in a states school, where there aren’t many people who care what grades they get and what they do once they leave school. In 1977 the factories that these young people would of been going to work in once they had left school, were starting to close down, as the docks and factories were going into further decline. So this meant that lots of
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At the end of there conversation Carol ask Mrs Kay if she thinks that she could live in a nice place when she is older if she started to work hard at school now, this shows us that Carol does not really make a effort at school and that she does not like where she lives. Mrs Kay replies to this by saying ‘Well you could try, couldn’t you, love. Eh?’ she says this as she does not want to give Carol false hope, and lie to her as Mrs Kay knows that Carol wont be able to live in one of them nice houses, but also she does not want to crush Carols dreams and make her have no hope, or be sad, so she replies with a question, so Carol still thinks that she could if she worked hard. Mrs Kay appears to be like a mother to Carol, as they have a close relationship. I think Mrs Kay treats Carol this way as Carol is close to her, and Carols parents probably do not care so Mrs Kay is there to be a mother figure in Carols life. Carol talks to Mrs Kay a lot and not really to the other children. I think that Mrs Kay feels sorry for Carol, and thinks that because Carol is such a sweet girl that she deserves better in life and just wants to be there for here.

Willy Russell knows what its like to be in a deprived area as he has taught in a school in liverpool ……….. ,
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