A Makeup Artist

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A Makeup Artist Starting at the age of 11, there was this blooming girl who began to get genuinely interested in makeup. Her dad though, was not too keen for makeup, so she snuck it on whenever she got to school and made sure she took it off either while she and her brothers walked home or before her dad came to pick her up. This blooming girl was only in the 6th grade, which is kind of reasonable now that she thinks back on it, although when she was 11 she thought it was the most unfair thing; why stop her from doing something she likes that expresses herself and who she can be as a person? However, as time went on and she got older and understood that it just meant he was scared that she was growing up too quickly. Being a Makeup…show more content…
Anyone could work with big name brand companies like MAC, Sephora, Makeup Geek, and Ulta without going to school for it, but just simply because you are good at it and you have the passion for it. Onto the duties of being a makeup artist, which vary as to what you want to do in makeup artistry. Some may have to sell makeup products if they are studying the businesses of the makeup, while others may have the duty of applying the makeup, whether it be special effects makeup, glam makeup, or regular day to day makeup which are the specific duties. General duties would be how to interact with clients, being a makeup artist you have to know your client like what they want how they want it and what they like. Without knowing any of that information you could be completely clueless and the client may end up hating what you did for them. Personality is a huge thing when working with people, you do not want to have a bad attitude or seem like you are bored and do not know how to converse with your clients, because then they will be bored and may not want to come back to you because you did not treat them how they thought they should have been treated. In this work field, there is not any set number of working hours because there is a multitude of jobs you can doing being a makeup artist. You could be someone’s personal makeup artist and work for them all day long or just four hours for whenever they need you. Also, you could be a makeup artist for a
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