A Man Named Carlos Chagas

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A man named Carlos Chagas found the Chagas Disease. He was born in Oliveria, Brazil on 1879. Their family owned a coffee plantation. Carlos’s father passed away when he was around 4 years old. His mother wanted him to study engineering, however, his uncle, who was a physician, sparked his interest in medicine. He told Carlos that Brazil was not industrializing due to endemic disease that was in the country. In 1896, Carlos Chagas studied at Rio de Janeiro. He chose “Hematological Aspects of Malaria” as his topic for his thesis. He worked with Dr. Oswaldo Cruz who was a Parasitologist. Dr. Cruz found many vaccinations for small pox and the plague. Carlos Chagas helped contribute to Malaria, however was overpowered by the discovery of American trypanosomiasis. Dr. Oswaldo Cruz asked Chagas to join Manguinhos to help research. Chagas refused because he felt the need to go into clinical medicine rather than research. He ended up working at a small hospital but was not able to make enough income for his family. In 1905, he accepted a job offer from “Docas de Santos Company” where the Lee 2 worker’s were dying because of malaria. In 1906, he joined “Oswaldo Cruz Institute”. In 1908, Chagas was sent to a railroad where many people thought the workers were dying due to “malaria”. After researching, he found that the symptoms that the workers were getting were not from malaria, but was from another insect called “vinchuca”. This insect was biting and sucking the blood of

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