A Man Named Christopher Columbus

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A man named Christopher Columbus, as we all know as a superb sailor and navigator. We find him more human like and interesting in the book then what we thought of him while reading our history text books. Christopher was a happy cheerful, confident man, he was always so sure he would succeed. He had such good focus when he was sailing, also having no doubt that the world was round. He commanded a fleet of three smaller caravels, The Nina, the Pinta, and the Santa Maria. Leaving on the date of August 3, 1492. His first voyage to Spain in just three days of sailing on the Pinta, the rudder floated loose and they couldn’t keep up with the strength of the sea. Staying about a month with his fleet on the Canary Islands rebuilding the ship. After rebuilding they then set out, while they were Columbus ignored a light from the distance which came out to be labeled the New world. He went ashore and claimed the land for the Spanish sovereign also clamming other islands as well before the voyage was over. Joining back to Europe in march 1493 the Nina was too torn up to make it back to Spain, it hardly made its way into Lisbon for repairs. From Lisbon all the way to the south of the Portuguese cost on his way back to Spain he found out the indies belongs to the Portugal. Spain was trespassing! Fighting about how in the Treaty of Alcacova It gave Portugal control of all of the land in the south of the Canary Islands. Therefore, instead of handling it through the “give and take theory”
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