A Man Who Had No Eyes

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A Man Who Had No Eyes: Markwardt Character Sketch In the short story “A Man Who Had No Eyes” by MacKinlay Kantor, one of the main characters is Markwardt, a blind beggar who comes up to another man to ask for money. Markwardt is the type of person who is so self-indulgent; he will do just about anything to get what he wants which in this case is money. Instead of looking at the brighter side of things, he looks at everything negatively and uses mendacity and psychological manipulation through the usage of his sad stories to bring pity to the people he is speaking to in order to gain his own rewards. Markwardt is an old and disheveled man who lost his eyesight in a chemical explosion that occurred 14 years prior to the events of the story. Markwardt is described as being a shaggy, thick-necked fellow, wearing a greasy coat with lapels and pockets, presumably to store money. He not only has a long beard, which further exemplifies his age, but also long nails, most likely due to a lack of proper hygiene. Furthermore, due to the fact that he is blind and homeless, he carries a battered cane to allow for walking along with a black pouch that he hangs over his shoulders. Moreover, his physical size is depicted to be quite large, at least, larger than the normal man. Overall, Markwardt is illustrated as the average homeless man with the added complication of being blind. Markwardt seems to have no formal education and can be seen in the way he speaks. He consistently uses
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