A Man Who Is Admired For Great Or Brave Acts Or Fine Qualities

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A hero, according to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, is defined as “a person who is admired for great or brave acts or fine qualities”. When a firefighter runs into a flaming building and saves a person who is stuck, that is an example of heroism. The man I’m about to talk about saved me. Not in the way a firefighter saves a person who is stuck, but similar. A firefighter saved a person stuck in a building ablaze, and The Weeknd, A.K.A. Abel Tesfaye, saved my life. I admire this man for overcoming his problems and still staying true to himself as he rises to unfathomable fame. Abel Tesfaye dropped out of high school with his best friend, La Mar Taylor, and Hyghly Alleyne at age 17. They drove to Abel’s mother’s house, grabbed his mattress, and shoved it into La Mar’s van. They moved into a 1 bedroom apartment in an alright neighborhood full of, as La Mar says, “Students and crack heads”. He did a ton of drugs including MDMA, Xanax, codeine, mushrooms, and ketamine. He also sold a little weed but he was still broke. He and his friends eventually got kicked out of their 850-a-month apartment. Sometimes when he needed a place to stay he would tell a girl he loves her and I quote, “there was like three girls that thought legit I was their boyfriend” (The Weeknd). He finally got a job, working at an American Apparel downtown. This was when he started song writing – for others, but when nobody took his offers, himself. My baby was, to put it simply, depressed. He was kind of

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