A Man with a Dragon’s Spirit: Bruce Lee Essay

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The man who has my admiration and utmost respect is Bruce Lee. In the short 32 years of his life, Bruce Lee, created a legacy that is still prevalent today. He is thought by many as the “Greatest Martial Artist of the 20th Century”. His philosophies and insightful teachings have influenced many people, including myself. His perseverance and determination are beyond that of modern-day people and those are to qualities that deserve my admiration. Bruce Lee was born, November 27th 1940, in San Francisco, in the Year of the Dragon, according to the Chinese zodiac. A year later, in 1941, he and his family moved to Hong Kong. While growing up, Bruce was constantly getting into street fights and to keep himself disciplined, he enrolled into a …show more content…
Bruce was a very persistent man. When he founded the institute, the Chinese community was against his teachings of martial arts to Non-Chinese. He was put against another Kung Fu master to fight for his school; if he lost he would have to stop teaching for good. Bruce Lee fought, won, and later opened two more institutes. Bruce is celebrated for his well-formed physique. When watching his films, one would not think that he suffered from chronic back pain, but he did. One day, when he was working out, he severely injured a spinal nerve. Doctors told him he would never fight, or walk without the aid of someone else. He was obligated to rest and for six months could not move much. During that time he wrote his book, The Tao of Jeet Kune Do. Bruce then decided not to be stationary any longer. After rehabilitating his body, he went on to continue fighting in his movies. Bruce Lee was the type of person who wanted to be the best at what he did and would never quit until he reached his goal. If he wanted something in this world he would work for it. He wanted to be healthy, so he constantly drank protein drinks and ate healthy foods. He sought to be physically fit, so he worked out until he got desired results.
Lee is known for his martial arts and acting, but he also majored in philosophy at the University of Washington. He was knowledgeable and had massive library. He claimed that his martial arts were a symbol for his teachings. He

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