A Management Information System ( Mis )

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A management information system (MIS) is a system of financial information that uses a computerized database. After the information is organized and programmed, it should be able to produce a regular report on operations for every level of management in a company. Obtaining special reports from the system easily should also be possible with its main aim being to give managers feedback about the performance of the institution. It focuses on the management of information systems to provide decision making strategies that are efficient and effective. The restaurant management system is a type of software applied to monitor and manipulate the resources in the restaurant by providing a standard management system that enhances management of resources in the restaurant. It also provides computer services that are used in billing customers and controlling the cash, used in the production and service lines that is the kitchen and dining room respectively to manage and monitor the operations of the restaurant. The system to be applied in a restaurant must be totally reliable, must be flexible to allow expansion, the software or the system should be strong enough to deal with the menu and the price structure even when change is required. The information system should be functional when applied and must have available investment. The system should be quality and have quality report for it to receive high ratings. Therefore, for a restaurant to be successful it needs to apply a quality
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