A Manager Communicating With Associates

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A manager communicating with associates in China, using the Hofstede 's cultural dimension, will be mindful of such things as power distance, individualism, masculinity, uncertainty avoidance and many other variables. Power distance rankings 80, masculinity 66, uncertainty avoidance 30. A manager dealing with associates in China, will need to be aware of associates rankings and address them accordingly, because the higher ranking you have in China, the less your authority is questioned. China ranks 20 on hofstedes cultural dimensions power of individualism and this is considered very low, so a manager should inspire group activity in associates and focus less on individual work. The manager should group projects to associates, because the Chinese ranking is medium in masculinity and low in uncertainty avoidance due to their high inclination to be entrepreneurs they are willing to take on challenging tasks: (Geert-hofstede.com, 2016).

Ireland ranks low in power distance with a score of 28, low in uncertainty avoidance with a score of 35, and high in individualism and masculinity with a score of 70 and 68 respectively. This implies that a manager dealing with associates in Ireland, must treat associates the same irrespective of their rankings and must also allow them to take more risks and take on more challenging tasks as they are more optimistic about their future. The manager must also treat associates as individuals as Ireland is a very competitive society and values…

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