A Manager's Dilemma: Who Gets the Project?

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A MANAGER’S DILEMMA: WHO GETS THE PROJECT? CMT, a leading innovator in the telecommunications industry, has a new hardware product which is under development with associated software. Henry Mathews, the director of software support tasked to choose who to be in charge of the new project had just taken a two-week vacation which left Dave Peterson to be temporarily in command of the entire unit. Dave Peterson is the manager of customer software support. He needs to make an immediate decision between Seamus and Jeremy on who to assign the project before Henry arrives. The new hardware product was estimated to have a low target price and requires inexpensive training because the CMT’s sales department had request a CD-ROM self-study…show more content…
Personally, I would hire someone who understands how the product works and how to control it rather than someone who is good in presenting the product, based on another man’s work. The software training department headed by Jeremy uses the manuals created by the technical publications department headed by Seamus in training employees and customers. If Seamus team is not involved in this project, how would Jeremy’s team understand the technical aspect of the new product? Furthermore, he does not have prior experience of developing CD-ROM presentations for training. Seamus and his team had superior technical expertise due to their close working relationship with engineers during the development of technical manuals for the new product. His team also had skills of ensuring that the manuals they issue were translated into more user-friendly materials that can be understood by anyone. This ability is important because they will do it for customers who will utilize the CR-ROM for self-study of the new hardware product. In addition, some of his staff had previously developed CD-ROM presentations. However, the disadvantage of choosing Seamus is that his team is not particularly good in designing the program and presenting it to the customers which Jeremy’s team is good at. This is where they need the software training department’s expertise in ensuring that the CD-ROM self-study course can be easily
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