A Man's Search For Meaning By Mor Frankl

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Man’s Search for Meaning A man’s search for meaning is an autobiography written by author Viktor Frankl. Viktor Frankl writes about spending three years in the concentration camps of Auschwitz, and Dacha, all of this occurring during the Holocaust. The book discusses the theme of survival during a time where horror and fear were all too common. Frankl uses a clear perspective by focusing on others tragic stories and more or less on his own experience. Frankl describes the fundamental necessity of hope and survival. Frankl’s psychological theory is called logotherapy, this theory is mainly focused on a man’s search for meaning in human existence. In other words suffering exists in the world, and humans adapt and gain meaning from that suffering. In Man’s search for meaning Viktor Frankl uses specific and detailed example during the holocaust to explain and further confirm his logo therapy theory, Frankl demonstrates how suffering can lead to meaning in one’s life.
In the first half of the book Frankl attempts to answer the question “How is an average prisoner affected by everyday life in the concentration camps?” Frankl uses this question and demonstrates examples of other prisoners who continued to find hope even in such horrific conditions. Furthermore, Frankl clarifies how finding a meaning in a tragedy is of great
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Frankl gives his logo-therapy theory and correlates it with specific events in the holocaust in which he himself experienced or witnessed. Throughout the book Frankl examines the average prisons behaviors in the concentration camps. Although Frankl limits his demographic by not acknowledging the different factions or groups of prisoners behaviors to logo-therapy. Viktor Frankl demonstrates that even through the most tragically heartbreaking situations, one can always find a silver
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