A Marilyn Monroe Story: Then and Now

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A Marilyn Monroe Story: Then and Now The stunning Marilyn Monroe’s life has really been an interesting one. All of her motion picture films including The Seven Year Itch, which includes the famous scene where Marilyn is standing over a subway gate with her white summer dress flowing around her. That film also became a box office hit and is one of her well known movies still to this day. Marilyn got really famous for her work even though she came from a terrible background. Marilyn proved it doesn’t matter where a person came from and anything is possible if a person is determined to achieve their desires. Starting out with absolutely nothing and then gaining everything, that is a really big accomplishment for anyone, defiantly for Marilyn. Young Marilyn Monroe was born in Norma Jeane Mortenson from Los Angeles California in 1926. Her mother Gladys Monroe Baker Mortenson was a film splicer for motion pictures. She took out the bad pictures that cannot be used in the film. Her mother also never told Marilyn who her real father was. They were in the middle of a divorce and he left them and was never in Marilyn’s life. Right after Gladys had Marilyn she gave her to a foster family. Their names were Ida and Albert Bolender. They cared for Marilyn until she was seven which then her mother took her back. After a couple of years Gladys suffered from depression and could no longer care
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