A Market Plan for People with Disabilities

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Situation Analysis Over the past years career centers have matched people with jobs to synchronize their career plans with their disabilities. The career center will consist of self-appraisal, career information, career counseling services, career training facilities, and career placement follow up services. The center will reach this by setting in motion of cyclical process of planning, development, implementation, and improvement. With the help of the center the disabled will be able to reach their goals. The main parts of the center are: internal environment, external environment, objective for marketing, target population, advertising, product strategy, promotion strategy, affordability, and location.
Internal Environment
Mission Statement
The mission of Searcy County Career Development Center is to help all people, especially the disabled, to find a job. No matter what disability or problem a person faces, the center will help people find employment. Searcy County Career Development Center welcomes everyone without discrimination of race, sex, disability, religion, age, or national orgin.
Organizational Structure
As a non-profit organization, Searcy County Career Development Center will have a very small organizational structure based on collaborations between different entities.
• Ryan Burns, Career Development Counselor
• Mary Kirk, Adult Education
• Diana Brody, Literacy Counsel
• Friendship Community Care
• Sharron Massey, Searcy County Special Services
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